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caviar illuminator


Mother Of Pearl


AED 145.00

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Add a touch of natural radiance with CAVIAR ILLUMINATOR, a pearlescent, creamy highlighter to give your cheeks, eyes and skin a candle- lit appearance. Simply bounce your brush or finger over the mesh to release the product from the illuminating beads.
Each Caviar Bead is infused with a highly concentrated complex of pure pigments, including highlighting, priming and blurring pigments. These are compressed into the Caviar Beads using Light Encapsulation Technology, ensuring no fillers or water disrupt their integrity. Suspended in a serum-gel infused with vitamins, moisturizers and skin conditioning butters, the beads release the pigments by the soft touch of your finger or brush through the mesh dispenser.  This instantly creates a beautiful, illuminated and smooth appearance to the skin.

how to use


- Take a small amount of CAVIAR ILLUMINATOR from the mesh with finger or brush and tap gently on cheeks, eyes or décolletage. Allow 30 seconds to dry.
- Apply additional layers of product for a more intense look.


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